The InHeatPro is a TSB funded three year project, which targets on delevoping a ‘smart-patch’ system with a reliable, low cost, integrated sensor network that will act as part of a feedback control system for active cure control to optimise both adhesive mechanical properties and minimise residual stress.  The sensors will also be used as active transducer elements to enable non-destructive inspection of the patch to with a high probability of detection...


The InHeatPro consortium consists of 5 partners: four SMEs and a RTD, with no skills overlapped. Each partner contributes with their own expertise, those ranging from mechatronic systems (Stirling Dynamics Ltd), embedded product design (Argon Design Ltd), system monitoring (McWade), to tool development (Hitex UK Ltd). The four SMEs are supported by one research organisation: TWI, a material joining laboratory and NDE research organization.