Project Partners

The InHeatPro consortium consists of 5 partners: four SMEs and a RTD, with no skills overlapped. Each partner contributes with their own expertise, those ranging from mechatronic systems (Stirling Dynamics Ltd), embedded product design (Argon Design Ltd), system monitoring (McWade), to tool development (Hitex UK Ltd). The four SMEs are supported by one research organisation: TWI, a material joining laboratory and NDE research organization.

Lead Partner – Stirling Dynamics Ltd
Will develop the complete monitoring system which will interface directly with the embedded magnetostrictive sensors. The data will be processed in real time and uploaded to a base station for immediate display. The processed data will be uploaded to a database and further processed through system wear state models to produce synthesised parameters of interest.  Stirling will use its infographics experience to produce an information rich interface and dedicated applications for mobile/tablet and web browser, enabling instant remote real-time system analysis and automated alerting and reporting functions.
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Partner No. 1 – TWI Ltd Research Institute
Will develop the sensor network for the composite patch as well as developing processes to calculate the stress field and detect voids and disbonds using the passive and active sensors respectively.
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Partner No. 2 – Argon Design Ltd
Will develop the wireless communication system to transmit sensor data to a portable platform (tablet, PDA, laptop) for analysis.
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Partner No. 3 – McWade Monitoring Ltd
Will take a lead role in integration of the project outputs to form a complete structural health monitoring system for bonded composite patches.
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Partner No. 4 – Hitex UK Ltd
Will be developing the hardware/sofware platform for the condition monitoring system.
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All the partners disseminate results via their customer base, regular newsletters, trade journals/ exhibitions and conferences.