Stirling Dynamics Ltd

Striling Dynamics
Stirling provides mechatronic systems and specialist engineering design services for the aerospace, defence, space, marine and energy sectors.  From offices in the US and the UK, Stirling delivers world-leading technologies and capabilities to a global customer base, enhanced by a growing network of international partners providing in-country support.

Originally incorporated in 1987 by company president Dr Robert Stirling, the company has gone from strength to strength, seeing tremendous growth and diversification.  Our product portfolio now spans state-of-the-art pilot training equipment and advanced autopilots for submarines. We also now export over 50% of our business to customers in Brazil, India, China, Japan, South Korea and the US.

Today, Stirling is a market leader in active control technology and we are the sole supplier of the F-35 pilot training stick and throttle systems for Lockheed Martin. We have also gone on to specialise in simulation and analysis for extreme environments, where our expertise lies in the development of condition monitoring systems.  On the services side of the business, Stirling is the UK’s largest independent landing gear specialist and since 2009, our Control Technologies team run a major aerospace customer's materials laboratory where our engineers provide on-site laboratory support.

Going forward, Stirling will continue to take our capabilities and technologies in new directions, leveraging our existing capabilities to solve problems in emerging sectors.  As our products and services continue to evolve, we are committed to accelerating the growth and intellectual capital of our business and our customer’s businesses. Stirling is dedicated to delivering the innovation and value that helps our customers keep their market lead.